Community, Safety, & Environment

The management and employees of Newark E&P are proud to live and work in North Texas, and we know that being part of a community means being good neighbors. Newark E&P is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, safety, and environmental responsibility for the benefit of our employees, contractors, and the residents of the communities in which we operate. By using advanced technologies and following established industry Best Practices, Newark E&P continues to exceed federal, state, and local requirements and maintain an excellent safety and environmental record. 

Our oil and gas operations in urban areas of North Texas present incredible opportunities for the company and the municipalities involved, but also present unique challenges. That is why make every effort to ensure that our activities are conducted as safely and responsibly as possible and with minimal impact to the environment and the community, including:

  • Less intrusive wireless technologies for acquiring 3D seismic data
  • Groundwater and air-quality monitoring, noise suppression technologies, and sound monitoring at urban drill sites
  • Multi-well drill sites to minimize our surface footprint

For Information regarding oil and gas drilling and pipeline safety, please use the following links: